Administrator Vacancy Available

Job Title:


Reports to:

Registered Manager

Job Overview:

(Note: In addition to these functions employees are required to carry out such duties as may reasonably be required)

  • Implement actions to meet and maintain administrative and financial standards
  • Assist the development of the philosophy, goals and objectives for the administrative and financial practice
  • Implement action to meet and maintain administrative and financial standards
  • Evaluate standards of administrative and financial competence


Lorac Healthcare Ltd, but you may be required to work from other locations at the discretion of the company and with appropriate notice.

Working Hours:

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm or as directed by the manager.

Role Specific Duties:

  • To maintain administrative and financial skills at a current level and undertake such training and development as may from time-to-time be required to maintain that currency of practice
  • To provide administrative and financial services for Lorac Healthcare Ltd in accordance with current best practice
  • To supervise the administrative and financial services within Lorac Healthcare Ltd in accordance with agreed standards, legislative requirements, relevant regulations, in line with accepted best practice and within the financial plans agreed from time-to-time
  • Be responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of those individuals they support

Working with Others:

  • Develop effective working relationships with other Lorac Healthcare Ltd employees
  • Work to establish effective employer-employee relationships
  • Cooperate with the implementation, evaluation, orientation and induction of all new employees
  • Support the effective resolution of team conflicts

Leading by Example:

  • Seek opportunities for personal and professional growth

Personal Responsibilities:

  • Promote a positive image for the people and employees of Lorac Healthcare Ltd

Value Based Personal Qualities

Working Together

  • Involve Service Users, family, external agencies & colleagues
  • Speak up when things go wrong

Respect and Dignity

  • Understand person-centred care and can demonstrate treating people as individuals and respecting choices
  • Promoting independence and encouraging appropriate risk taking

Everybody Counts

  • Ensuring no one is discriminated against or excluded
  • Understand human rights and impact on care delivery
  • Facilitating people to ‘speak up’ about concerns and acting upon them

Commitment to Quality of Care

  • Striving for quality in everything we do recognising and understanding what quality in care means for people using the services
  • Being accepting about criticism and focusing on improvement
  • Being open to new opportunities for learning and identifying the limits of skills and knowledge


  • Treating people with kindness
  • Understanding the importance of empathy in all areas of employment
  • Understanding the values of others and always providing a caring service

Improving Lives

  • Focus on how things could be done better and sharing ideas
  • Understanding of wellbeing and what is important to people using the service
  • Improving outcomes for people
  • Ensuring appropriate services are provided for people using the services

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